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Twitch Stream Notes - May 20, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell (15 minutes)

  • Personal news update!
  • New Edge ML Hardware (Avent Branium and an STM32 Discovery Eval Board)
  • Pololu 12V Step-Up Voltage Regulators
  • The button box is assembled!

Emotion Mesh! Edge ML & IoT Project (2 hours, 45 minutes)


  • Talk about what we did last time (Set-up cloud-based emotion detection with the Azure Cognitive Services Face API)
  • Review what I did last week off-stream

    1. Extended the default video streaming demo to capture a single frame when a button is clicked
    2. Call the Azure Face API from the captured frame
    3. Store results on an SD card and clean-up local resources
    4. Working on training a local emotion detection model for the Coral

This time

  1. Set-up an Argon as a gateway on a new mesh network
  2. Set-up firmware projects in the emotion-mesh repo
  3. Configure UART communication between Coral and Argon
  4. Send a serial message to the Coral when a button on the box is pressed
  5. Connect the Arcade buttons to my Gateway Argon and 12v step-up converters
  6. Trigger a screen capture and cloud detection from a UART message received on the Coral

Stretch (probably next time)

  1. Start implementing the emotion training model onto the Coral
  2. Set-up a project in Azure IoT Central for Emotion Mesh

What we learned

  • CircuitPython may be available on the Coral. Look into this.
  • See if I can find a teardown for the Oura ring (thanks for the idea @bscolaro!)


  • Groguard for the 4-month resub!
  • jam3sn_ for 50 bits!