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Twitch Stream Notes - March 25, 2019

What we did

Wrapping up Brew Buddy (1 hour)

  • Review submitted PR to electric-io

    • It was merged, yay!
  • Planing to go through a few final issues this morning and then move onto a NEW project:

    1. Turn off TFT in sleep mode

      • Turns out, I need to bodge the BL pin on the TFT into the Argon to try this. Plan to look into it off-stream.
    2. Double-check my battery reading logic

      • This looked ok, so we didn’t change it
    3. Double check fermentation rate logic

      • A single knock was being detected as multiple, so I implemented a “debounce” to filter out knocks that happen too close together.

    It’s been fun working on Brew Buddy, but its time to move on…

Starting the Wall of Things (1 hour)

  • NEW Project: The Wall of Things!!!

    • Plan is to take this pegboard wall and add a 24x7 camera (and public website) to it
    • Over time, I want to to add a number of sensors and projects to this (Happy Plant, panel, servo arm, etc.)

      • We’ll add Brew Buddy to this wall as well for automated testing
    • Today, we’re going to start a Twitch chatbot to control the Neopixel strips
    • Walk through what the Neopixel strips do now
    • Start working on the chatbot

      1. Use TMI.js
      2. New node project (npm init)
      3. Put it in the WoT Repo - sticking with the monorepo approach here… for now
    • Features added

      1. Connect the cyanpandabot
      2. Listen for connected and message events
      3. Display the number of devices I have online
      4. Start the Mesh chase animation with the !chase command
      5. Roll the !dice

What I learned

  • TMI.js is awesome! 🤖
  • The particle-js-api is also awesome! 💙
  • Context switching between C++ and JavaScript == (or ===) Brandon makes mistakes! 🤣
  • Building a chatbot is ⚡️️️️️️⚡️