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Twitch Stream Notes - March 28, 2019

đźš  Going on a ski trip with the family from March 29-April 5. No regular streams next week! â›·

What we did

Google Coral Object Detection Demo! (15 min)

  • Using the instructions here I want to hook a logitech camera up to the Coral Dev Board and run a few demos (face tracking, object classification)

  • SSH into the board, and run this command to make sure the USB camera is connected

    v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext --device /dev/video1`
  • Download the object classification and image detection models and labels

  • Run the object classification model using a streaming server. (Bump down the resolution and FPS a bit from the default command)

edgetpu_classify_server \
--source /dev/video1:YUY2:640x480:20/1  \
--model ${TEST_DATA}/mobilenet_v2_1.0_224_quant_edgetpu.tflite \
--labels ${TEST_DATA}/imagenet_labels.txt
  • Run the face detection model using a streaming server. (Bump down the resolution and FPS a bit from the default command)
edgetpu_detect_server \
--source /dev/video1:YUY2:640x480:20/1  \
--model ${TEST_DATA}/mobilenet_ssd_v2_face_quant_postprocess_edgetpu.tflite

Continuing the Wall of Things (1 hour, 45 min)

  • Review what we got working last time

  • Off stream, I moved the command if statements into a command object to save us on if/switch mess

  • Things I want to do in the bot today:

    1. Use the user/context object to add the chatting username to response messages.
    2. Fix online command to show actual, online connected: true devices (currently its every one I own)
    3. Add the !chase-color command to set the light color
    4. we decided to add this to the chase command
    5. Add the !chase-stop command
    6. Detect cheers, follows and subs and trigger a fireworks animation on all strips, in sync.
  • Things I want to do in firmware today:

    1. Make the chase color function settable.

      { "red": 23, "green": 50, "blue": 25 }
    2. Add a fireworks/pulse animation mode for bits/sub commands.

What we learned

  • I will miss you all next week!
  • OpenThread is the mesh networking stack built into Particle 3rd generation devices
  • Less trouble context-switching between C++ and JS, although I am still a much better JS developer…
  • dot_commie has a gist that will allow us to convert hex to RGB next time
  • Didn’t get through everything today. Unchecked stuff slides into the next stream!