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Twitch Stream Notes - April 8, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell (10 minutes)

  • Adafruit PyPortal
  • MxChip IoT DevKit
  • Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Continuing the Wall of Things (1 hour, 45 min.)

  • Review what we did last time

  • Off stream, I updated all four strips to respond to the new setColors function on the gateway.

  • Things I want to do in the bot today:

    1. Add support for Hex colors
    2. Set colors even when the chase command is active
    3. Add the !stop command
    4. Change the mode to !rainbow
    5. Detect cheers, follows and subs and trigger a fireworks (or disco mode as per cooperCLAY) animation on all strips, in sync.
  • Things I want to do in firmware today:

    1. Add support for Hex colors
    2. Add a fireworks/pulse animation mode for bits/subs, etc.

What we learned / Ideas for next time

  • ProfessorStrawberry asked about the power draw of the devices on the Wall. We should measure that.
  • The left LED strip appears to be mis-calibrated (or needs to be replaced)
  • Accept CSS shorthand values (parithon’s idea) [ex. #FFF = #FFFFFF, #FC0 = #FFCC00]
  • Accept named colors (dot_commie’s idea) [i.e. cyan, salmon, magenta]
  • The LTE gateway is dropping too much; Switch to an Argon (Wi-Fi) for prototyping.
  • Many thanks to parithon for the five gifted subs!
  • Thanks to parithon, cpayette, cooperCLAY for subscribing!
  • Thanks to roberttables and cpayette for the cheers!