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Twitch Stream Notes - April 11, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell (5 minutes)

  • Green screen!

Continuing the Wall of Things (1 hour, 45 min.)

  • Review what we did last time

  • Things I want to do in the bot today:

    1. accept CSS shorthand values (ex. expand #fc0 into #ffcc00)
    2. Accept named colors (ex. cyan, magenta, red, green, blue, salmon)
    3. Detect cheers, follows and subs and trigger a fireworks (or disco mode as per cooperCLAY) animation on all strips, in sync.
    4. Add a !breathe command
  • Things I want to do in firmware today:

    1. Install a beta version of v0.9.1 on the Argon to improve gateway reliability
    2. Implement disco mode for bits/subs, etc.
    3. Implement a pulse/breathe mode

What we learned / Ideas for next time

  • I need to add a !lurk command to chat
  • dot_commie suggested using TinyColor for CSS and named color handling in the bot and it is awesome!
  • Consider adding alternating colors to the chase animation
  • Controller still timing out, but it seems to happen when chase mode or color changes are triggered
  • Found an awesome collection of LED Strip animations with support for both NeoPixel and FastLED!