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Twitch Stream Notes - April 18, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell (5 minutes)

  • Particle Workbench is GA, y’all!
  • PhaseDock
  • Capture Card for things!

Start exploring the NVIDIA Jetson Nano (~30 min)

  • Already have an SD Card with the image loaded up.
  • Connect it to Ethernet and a second display, keyboard and mouse (capture via capture card).
  • Check out the docs and read a few demos.

Continuing the Wall of Things (~1 hour, 30 min)

  • Review what we did last time

  • Things I want to do in the bot today:

    1. Detect cheers, follows and subs, hosts and trigger fire mode
    2. Create a !pulse command to check my heart rate, on demand
    3. Allow the breathe color to be configurable
    4. Handling an invalid list of colors
  • Things I want to do in firmware today:

    1. Update the Argon firmware to Device OS 1.0+
    2. Allow the breathe color to be configurable
    3. Consider ways to sync up the breathe animation

What we learned / Ideas for next time

  • Learn about working with least squares on nonlinear models (thanks @jekensik17)
  • Add !clay command and trigger disco mode on the lights
  • WoTBot helper command !help