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Twitch Stream Notes - May 09, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell (15 minutes)

  • MOAR AliExpress hardware for the PortaPi Pentester!
  • Adafruit buttons and switches!
  • Microsoft BUILD Announcements (Iot Central, IoT Plug and Play)
  • Streaming schedule change! Moving to once per week

Edge ML & IoT Project

  • NEW Project: Emotion Mesh! Using the Google Coral and Particle Mesh to do Edge-based face-tracking and emotion detection
  • Configure VSCode’s new Remote Dev for SSH on the Google Coral Board

    • Using SSH FS instead as VS Code remote doesn’t support ARM-yet
  • Walk through the Coral Object Detection and face-tracking source code
  • Create a UART Connection between an Argon and the Coral to start the FT demo (Mesh.sub on Argon, Serial1 to Coral; Coral receives serial, triggers demo; Demo result sent back to Argon over Serial)

  • Set-up a project in Azure IoT Central for Emotion Mesh

What we learned / Ideas for next time

  • Use the medium arcade button, maybe?

    • @dot_commie and @phrakberg voted for the large button
  • Grokking Deep Learning is an awesome book, and there’s a GitHub site for it!
  • We should be able to use the existing FT source and just capture an image from the webcam to use as the input; This can be extended to use emotion detection inference later
  • Brandon needs to catch up on the Tesla Autonomy Day demos

Next Time! (Monday, May 13th)

  • Finish UART Setup
  • Set-up Webcam and image capture
  • Run FT demo on a captured image