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Twitch Stream Notes - May 13, 2019

What we did

Photos with the Coral and Azure ML Emotion Tracking!

webcam what demo modified

Show and Tell (15 minutes)

  • Adafruit buttons and switches!
  • My thoughts on ioT @ Build
  • Streaming schedule change! Mondays from 12-3 pm Central. No Thursday streams for now.

Edge ML & IoT Project

  • NEW Project: Emotion Mesh! Using the Google Coral and Particle Mesh to do Edge-based face-tracking and emotion detection
  • Walk through the Coral Object Detection and face-tracking source code
  • Figure out how to capture an image from the webcam
  • UART Setup between Coral and Argon
  • Set-up a project in Azure IoT Central for Emotion Mesh

What we learned / Ideas for next time


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