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Twitch Stream Notes - June 3, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell (15 minutes)

  • New Grove Sensors (Speech Recognition and Alcohol)
  • Azure Sphere DevKit

Emotion Mesh! Edge ML & IoT Project (2 hours, 45 minutes)


  • Talk about what we did last week

    1. Soldered the Argon to an Adafruit PP board
    2. Updated Coral board to Mendel v3
    3. Moved the Serial connection to UART3
    4. Auto-mount the SD Card to /disk1 on startup
    5. Trained and tuned a local emotion detection model for the Coral

This time

  • Implement server to client websocket call with image name and emotion result
  • Display captured result and toggle off streaming display
  • Show graphical result of emotion detection (pie chart?) on web ui
  • Prompt user to hit green or red buttons to “vote” on the result
  • Capture result from button box and send reset to Web UI

Stretch (probably next time)

  • Figure out how I am going to capture stats for captures
  • Start working on neopixel strips and ultrasonic for triggering the demo

What we learned