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Twitch Stream Notes - June 10, 2019

What we did

Emotion Mesh! Edge ML & IoT Project


  • Talk about what we did last week

    1. Completed overall demo flow on UI
    2. Added local storage for run results
    3. Added charts and stats to UI

This time

  • Add a Xenon-powered Neopixel strip to the network
  • Mesh Publish state changes from controller to network
  • Mesh subscribe to state changes on Neopixels
  • Add an attract animation on Idle
  • Add a processing animation
  • Add a waiting animation
  • Add an inference correct animation
  • Add an inference incorrect animation

What we learned

  • You can update the brightness on Neopixels at runtime, just need to call for the change to be picked up. ALSO pass AND USE your brightness variable. :kappa: