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Twitch Stream Notes - July 1, 2019

What we did

IoT Show and Tell (Starts at 7:03)

Emotion Mesh! Edge ML & IoT Project

Recap of NDC Oslo and EmotionMesh Demo (Starts at 26:37)

  • NDC Oslo Recap. Videos should be posted in the next week!
  • ML & IoT Talk and Demos Recap - Went well, all the demos worked!
  • Live #EmotionMesh Demo

This time (Starts at 36:57)

  • Let’s add some BLE goodness to the EmotionMesh network!
  • Add the Stats-Viewer Project and configure for my device.
  • Advertise the current network state via BLE from the EmotionMesh controller
  • Read the current network state via BLE on another device and display the state on a TFT.

What we learned

  • BLE is great when it works, but Brandon needs to figure out how to pass strings in byte arrays!


  • @Groguard for the 5-mo resub
  • @theMichaelJolley for the 4-mo resub
  • @phrakberg for the 4-mo resub
  • @EdCharbeneau for the raid with 11 viewers
  • @theMichael cheered for 100 bits
  • @jam3sn_ cheered for 50 bits
  • @dot_commie for the 5-mo resub