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Twitch Stream Notes - July 8, 2019

What we did

Show and Tell

Conway’s Game of Life in Python!

  • What is Conway’s Game of Life?
  • Create a new project, py-conway
  • Find a good Python TDD Framework
  • Using a TDD Approach, start building out the game

    • Create a Game class that takes a numpy array as a seed
    • Create a beacon to represent the initial state of every cell
    • Display the initial state using matplotlib (We did this in a separate script to keep the game management separate from display concerns)
    • Add functionality to check for the number of neighbors to a single cell

Next Time…

  • Run the game with a single cell on
  • Run the game with two cells on
  • Run the game with three cells in a linear orientation
  • Animate steps
  • Check for invalid types (thanks @DontCallMeLatrForDinner)

What we learned


  • @roberttables for the 4-mo resub!
  • @visualstudio for the host!
  • @SurlyDev and @strick0 for the live coding help!